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Paul O’Malley Public Health 160 10-27-11 This week in class and in the readings the main topic was sustainability and how we can change our lives to benefit the future. During lecture, we talked about Ecovillages, which are small communities throughout the world that have adapted a self sustaining lifestyle, and lessened their carbon footprint. The readings also had to deal with sustainability and the importance of recognizing what goes into the products we buy on a daily basis. The other article went further into this topic and broke down what commonly happens in the lifecycle of the water bottles we drink out of every day. Simple changes such choosing tap water over bottled water can have very big impact on the future of our planet. ` The real question for our generation is how are going to change our wasteful ways so that we don’t ruin the planet for future generations. Both articles did a very good job of going into detail about where our “stuff “ goes after you either throw it out and recycle it. As a society we
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