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Paul O’Malley24449318 Physics 118 A.) Polar Amplication simply involves the glaciers in the Arctic Ocean melting at a very slow rate. Every year the Arctic Ocean waters absorb so much heat that the ice caps cannot form a protective covering. This is leading to less and less ice every year, which causes to higher temperatures in the lower regions of the arctic. If this process continues, one day the ice caps in the Arctic Ocean will be gone forever. B.) The main problem that melting glaciers on the Himalayas will create is that it will cut off the water supply for the people who live in the mountains. They depend on theses icecaps to melt annually to fill up rivers and streams that they get their supply of water from. If these glaciers disappear, then these people’s water supplies will be gone forever. C.) The first point in this article talks about how green homes are a lot more affective at saving energy than people think. Non-green homes create more emissions that all of the cars and trucks in the world. Homes also account for as much as 45% of the world’s
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