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Paul O’Malley(24449318) Physics 118 Homework #1 Ways energy is transformed 1. A wrecking ball being dropped goes from gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. 2. Lighting gasoline- When you light a grill all of the chemical energy in the gas gets turned into Thermal energy. 3. Burning an ant- light energy gets turned into thermal energy 4. Hammering a nail- Gravitational potential energy in the hammer and chemical energy in your muscles gets converted into kinetic energy. 5. Energy from the sun is converted into thermal energy and heats up blacktop. Essay The first point I found to be interesting in big coal was that six thousand workers die in the coal mines in China every year. This number is very high and almost seemed unbelievable when I first read it. Although there are over a billion people in China, 6000 people every year is still a lot and I think something needs to be done about it. Since coal is such a big industry in China the mining of it should be more regulated and safer, for the benefit of all of the miners. I
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