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Paul O’Malley Physics #118 Assignment #4 part 2 My topic will be Ocean thermal energy conversion. 1. a. This website describes what OTEC is, the history of it, what need to be done to make it a reality, and all of the benefits it will have. 2. a. This website gives a brief history of OTEC and goes into detail about how it works. 3. a. This website is a company’s website that is involved with the development for OTEC 4. a. This link leads to a section of the website involving the benefits of OTEC for the state of Hawaii. 5. a. This website shows links to different stories about OTEC on the web.
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Unformatted text preview: I picked this topic because I think it is a very interesting, eco-friendly, futuristic, and practical way in which the United States can use natural resources to develop energy. This topic interests me because it seems too futuristic of technology to be put into use today. Using the change in temperature of ocean water to create energy seemed way too unrealistic to me, and I wanted to learn more about it. I also found it to be interesting because it can very easily be put into good use in places like Hawaii and other Island chains throughout the world. Overall, I picked this topic because it seems like it is very applicable in society, and I think it will be more well known as people search for other ways to develop and maintain energy....
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