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Paul O’Malley Physics #118 12/8/10 A. Sputnik was a Russian spaceship that got launched into space in 1957. It inspired the United states Government to beat the soviets to the moon, seeing as to how the soviets were the first in space. Chu talks about the current situation being similar to sputnik because he thinks the government needs to take more initiative into the development of technology, specifically renewable energy and biofuels. B. I found the fact that an American company opened the world’s largest private solar research and development facility in China was the most surprising to me. This makes it seem to me like China is a more appealing place to develop renewable and clean energy sources than the United States. C. Two goals of ARPA-E are 500 mile range rechargeable cars, and solar P/Venergy at a quarter of the cost it is now. 2A. Nuclear power is one of the leading energy sources in the United States and is not as bad for the environment as people seem to think it is. While electricity development accounts for one
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