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Paul O’Malley(24449318) Physics 118 Homework #3 1. I read an article on how the New York jets have installed solar panels on their practice facility. These solar panels will provide 750,000 kilowatt hours worth of energy, and is said to be the largest photovoltaic system at any NFL team’s headquarters. The installation of these solar panels is one of the first steps in a Jets initiative to go green. This is a very big step for sustainability in a league that uses up a lot of the world’s energy. 2. The Article I read discussed how an increase in the amount of clouds is affecting our climate. As more carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere, then more clouds are present in the sky. These clouds were once thought to hold back greenhouse gases, but it has now been discovered that they will keep carbon dioxide in and increase the temperature. Although this theory is only in the infant stages of its development, it is promising and may help us deter global warming one day. 3.
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