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Paul O’Malley Physics 118 The Nissan leaf is a very interesting concept that has a lot of positive aspects to it, and a couple drawbacks as well. The first thing I found interesting about the leaf is that it can travel up to 90mph. This is very impressive for a car that runs strictly on electricity and was way higher than what I thought it would be able to go. Another aspect of the car I found interesting is that it has no transmission and doesn’t need to switch gears. This leads to a much smoother ride then you would get in normal cars, and makes it a much easier car to drive. Although the leaf is very technologically advanced and innovative, it does have a few drawbacks as well. One of these drawbacks was that since the car has such a futuristic design, there is a large blind spot at the bottom corners of the windshield. Another one of the drawbacks is that the leaf can only drive 100 miles per charge, depending on things like weather conditions, environment, and terrain. It is meant to be driven to work and back every day, but if the drive
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