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Paul O’Malley Physics 118 homework #6 V2G is a very interesting concept that would be very beneficial to not only people who own the cars, but to everyone who pays for electricity. As the article mentioned more and more people are buying electrical cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. These cars are able to store power when they are not in use, and the excess power can be used when the demand for electricity is high. This is more effective than other types of renewable energy because of that reason. Although things like wind power are important for our renewable energy future, those technologies can only create energy, and not store it like the V2G system The main problem the system will probably face is that for it to work, people have to be willing to buy these electric cars. Although they are much more eco-friendly and affordable,
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Unformatted text preview: there are still a lot of skeptics who say that these cars are unreliable and will eventually phase out of production. The main issue is that the cars can only go 100 miles off of one charge on average. Another problem is that people might be skeptical to just let the energy company take the energy charged in the battery for their own personal use. Overall, although this system seems very affective and futuristic, it still faces obstacles that could halt its integration into society. The article about better place was a very interesting article that showed how a private company can influence a government’s decisions about renewable energy. The scheme works by working with countries and governments to set up an infrastructure that will help with the transition to renewable energy. They have worked with Israel...
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