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Documentary: poses a question of moral authority -Do the film makers have a right to be talking about their subject matter? Documentary style in fiction films (often based on books) -Not documentary due to how it speaks to the audience about the subject matter. -Has a plot line that documentaries do not. -SOMETHING is always lost in translation from book to screenplay. -Other information finds its way into the movie that isn’t from the book -They will often try to imitate editing styles of documentaries of that era.
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Unformatted text preview: The Production code and other censorship mechanisms What is censorship?-what you can’t see in a movie-Nothing is more censored than sex. How is it enforced? What was the “Production Code” of 1930?-The rules that the MPPA self-adhered to due to pressure from zealous catholic groups. What practices was it reacting against? What is the current version of US film censorship practices and how’s it enforced? The Production code collapsed when the major studio system did in the 1960s....
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