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lauder - success in his hectic workweek Clearly this advice...

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Paul O’Malley Transitions seminar The advice “If your not in control of your character, you’re not in control!” is very practical advice and it is especially important for lauder because he is in the management field. Budgeting my time has become a valuable asset since I got to college, and I can imagine as time goes on and I enter the forty hour work week, budgeting my time will decide whether or not I get promotions or succeed at my job. Things like day to day planners and calendars have been very useful in getting all of my work done and I can see how lauder uses tools like this to maintain
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Unformatted text preview: success in his hectic workweek. Clearly this advice has made lauder successful, seeing how he has one of the most prolific make up companies in the entire world. He probably has a very crazy schedule, and budgeting his time and mapping out his week probably helps him maintain his success, and flourish in the ever changing marketplace. His commitment to managing his time is very admirable and anyone who is going into the field of managing could use this advice to their benefit....
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