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Paul O’Malley Transitions 10/20/09 To me corporate social responsibility means that a corporation is helping to take care of the environment and promote sustainability for the future. It also means that they are taking care of the places they are located, and the people who live there. Examples of this include supporting local events like cancer walks or food drives. I personally have experienced when I worked for a bank that required me to attend two local events every year. Being socially responsible is very important in these turbulent times and is helping company’s images. To me Social responsibility is very important because right now we need to find sustainable resources and since corporations are so large it would be very important for them to appreciate this concept. Very recently companies who are becoming socially responsible are viewed with more respect in the public eye and also use this as a marketing campaign which helps sell their products. An examples of this is Starbucks. They were one of the first companies
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Unformatted text preview: to market social responsibility and people appreciated it and bought more of their coffee as a result. They are seen as being eco-friendly and have been very successful because of it. All of these reasons put together are why companies should look to become socially responsible. Companies like Halliburton, which helped supply the army and build infrastructure in Iraq, are seen as being socially irresponsible for many reasons. They performed very poor work and it has recently been found that they massively overbilled the U.S. government for their work. It is because of this that Halliburton has an awful reputation in the eyes of the American Public and will more than likely never get government contracts again. In conclusion, becoming socially responsible shouldnt be a side task for the worlds corporations. Its benefits to the company are not only gaining respect and achieving sustainability, but it will help the companies benefit profit-wise as well....
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