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Paul O’Malley Transitions seminar The club I have looked into joining is the accounting association. There are many reasons why I want to join this club for me personally and also to help benefit my education. Seeing as I am in the School of Management, I would like to get involved in a club that is rooted here. Also, I think it will help me in my studies because I will probably be majoring in accounting. Overall, me joining this club would benefit me in numerous ways. I think joining the accounting association will have a very positive effect on my academics performance while at Umass. Since I am more than likely majoring in accounting, I look forward to going to the meetings and talking with other people who are interested in this field of study. Also, if I ever need help on an assignment, I can probably look to someone in the club for help and guidance on getting the assignment done. This will help me comprehend topics
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Unformatted text preview: more, and get a better idea of what I’m studying now, and what I will be studying in the future. That is how joining the accounting association will benefit my academics. A unique aspect of the accounting association is that it is part of the Springfield chapter of the Institute of Management. This means it is very involved in the local community, and participates in projects like visiting guest speakers, visitation programs, and social events. This will help to pad my resume, and also help me work on practical skills in management and other functions that occur in businesses. Those are all of the reasons why I plan on joining the accounting association. It will benefit me greatly academically and socially, and will help me adapt to the college environment. Me joining this club will help me greatly now and in the future....
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