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Paul O’Malley Transitions 12-1-09 Event Paper The two events I attended over the course of my first semester were the Jay-Z concert and the Mark Roskill Art History Graduate Symposium. The Jay-Z concert was obviously more fun, but I am glad I attended the graduate Symposium as well for other reasons. I feel that I benefited from both events as well, just in different ways. Jay-z was fun, But the symposium helped me in more ways than I thought it ever would. The Jay-Z concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to and absolutely exceeded any expectation I ever had going into it. He sang every good Jay-Z song which I liked because, I am not really a fan of his new album and I was worried he was going to only perform songs from it. It was also fun because I went with a lot of people I know from home who graduated from Umass and it was fun to see them all again. The performers that performed
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Unformatted text preview: before Jay-Z were also pretty good, but no one even compared to how ridiculously good Jay-Z was. Overall, The concert was awesome and I am very glad I went. The other event I attended was the Mark Roskill Art History Graduate Symposium in Herter Hall. I went because I really like my Art History class and I was considering maybe minoring in the subject because I find it so interesting. I am currently taking art history 100 which covers up to the Italian Renaissance period. Going to this lecture made me realize that I probably shouldn’t major in art history. This is because I watched a speech on modern art that made me so confused that it took away every ambition I had to further pursue this subject. Although I like studying classical art and architecture, attending this lecture reminded me how stupid modern art is and that I couldn’t take an entire class on it....
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