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Syllabus for Economics 104: Intro. to Macroeconomics Prof. Robert Pollin Fall 2011—U Mass Amherst Page 4 4 Robert Pollin, “Making the Federal Minimum Wage a Living Wage,” New Labor Forum , Spring, 2007. Videos: Milton Friedman Debates Michael Harrington, Capitalism vs. Socialism Noam Chomsky on Socialism 5. Considering the Economy as a Whole (September 26 – October 11; 5 classes) A) National Income--Gross Domestic Product Colander, pp. 150-70. B) Dividing Up National Income--Income, Racial and Gender Inequality MacEwan and Miller, pp. 33-64 D&S, pp. 34-37; 56-76; 296-304. Videos: Median Wealth by Race and Gender CNBC – Gender Wage Gap, Myth or Reality? C) Economy and Environment
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Unformatted text preview: Robert Pollin, “Doing the Recovery Right,” The Nation , February 16, 2009. Michael Ash et al, “Justice in the Air,” Political Economy Research Institute, Videos: James Boyce, Inequality as Driver of Unsustainability, UNDP Robert Pollin Debates Fred Smith, Impact of Investments in Clean Energy 6. Long-Run Growth and Stagnation (October 12 – 19; 2 classes) A) Overall Growth Patterns Colander, pp. 122-26; 171-190; emphasis on 171-82 here. B) U.S. Technical Change, Manufacturing and the Military Economy Robert Pollin, “Why Militarism Hurts the U.S. Economy,” New Labor Forum , Spring 2008, pp. 134-37 Robert Pollin, “Industrial Policy and the Revival of U.S. Manufacturing,” New Labor Forum , Winter, 2010, pp. 58-61....
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