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Syllabus for Economics 104: Intro. to Macroeconomics Prof. Robert Pollin Fall 2011—U Mass Amherst Page 5 5 Videos: Robert Pollin, Alternatives to Military Investment IN-CLASS MIDTERM EXAMINATION OCTOBER 24 7. Unemployment and Inflation (October 26 – November 2; 3 classes) Colander, pp. 130-47 main reading; 270-86 as supplement. Dollars&Sense, Chapter 6.1 Robert Pollin, “Can We Please Stop Blaming Immigrants?” New Labor Forum , Winter, 2011, pp. 86-89. Videos: Unemployment: Structural or Cyclical? PBS News Hour 8. The Global Economy (November 7 – 9; 2 classes) Colander, pp. 365-71; 30-40 Dollars&Sense, Chs. 8.1, 8.2, 8.6, 8.7 MacEwan and Miller, Ch. 8. Robert Pollin, “U.S. Trade Policy and the Jobs Crisis,”
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Unformatted text preview: New Labor Forum , Fall 2010, pp. 81 85. Leonce Ndikumana and Robert Pollin, Alternatives Policies for Africa Gerald Epstein, China and the United States 9. Financial Markets and Monetary Policy (November 2 November 7; 2 classes). Colander, pp. 196 243. Videos: Alan Greenspan Comments on Monetary Policy Gerald Epstein, The Future of the Fed 10. Fiscal Policies and the Federal Government Budget (November 14 23; 3 classesno class on 11/16) Colander, pp. 291 331. Dollars&Sense, Chs. 42 44 Videos: Glenn Hubbard comments on Debt and the Size of Government
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