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Unformatted text preview: 1. The topics covered in this course include: a) The causes of unemployment and recession; b) How financial markets function and malfunction; c) What makes for a good situation for businesses to thrive; d) Understanding the relationship between moral and scientific questions in economics; e) The causes and consequences of inequality in the United States and throughout the world; f) The relationship between environmental protection and economic well-being; and 9) How to read charts and graphs that present economic data. Considered overall, these are topics that interest me: Response Response Percent Count Greatly E 50.0% 155 Mildly E 46.1% 143 Very Little g 3.5% 11 You have got to be kidding. I plan to sleep, twitter or watch YouTubes [I 0.3% 1 in class if I show up at all. answered question 310 skipped question 0 ...
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