Outline_2_Vocabulary - E-filing Extension of time to file...

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Outline 2 Vocabulary Tax formula Itemized deductions Non-business expenses Trade or business expenses Income-producing activity Personal living expenses Deduction for AGI Deduction from AGI Standard Deduction Personal and Dependency Exemption Taxable Income Tax Due Tax Credit Overpayment Form 1040 Basic Standard Deduction Additional Standard Deduction Temporary standard deduction Phaseout Dependent’s basic standard deduction Defense of Marriage Act Qualifying Child Qualifying Relative Uniform Definition Relationship Test Descendant Abode Test Support Test Tiebreaker Rules Relationship test Lineal Ascendants Collateral Ascendants Member-of-the-household Support test Multiple Support Agreement Joint return test Citizenship or residency test Phaseout of Exemptions Child Tax Credit Individual tax identification number
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Unformatted text preview: E-filing Extension of time to file Form 4868 Amended Return Form 1040x Filing status Single Married Marriage penalty Surviving spouse Dependent Child Head of household Principal home Abandoned Spouse Progressive tax rates Tax table method Tax Rate Schedule Sunset provision Statutory rates Marginal tax rate Average tax rate Graduated tax rate Tax withheld Estimated tax W2 1040-ES Quarterly installments Dollar-for-dollar reduction Amount realized Adjusted Basis Realized gain (loss) Capital additions Capital recoveries Capital assets Personal use assets Assets held for investment purposes Collectibles Alternative tax computation Net Capital Gain NLTCG(L) NSTCL (L) Net Capital Loss Community property...
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Outline_2_Vocabulary - E-filing Extension of time to file...

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