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Reading assignment: Nolo Press Pages 318 to 327 Chapter 3 pages 11 to 12 (Special limitations on Standard Deduction for Dependents); Chapter 3 pages 31-33 (Kiddie tax) Chapter 4: Sections 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8 Chapter 6: Page 25-26; Expenditure for a taxpayer’s benefit Dependent’s basic standard deduction Shifting income Transferring ownership of assets Sheltered Net Unearned income Investment income Beneficiary of a trust Kiddie tax Allowable itemized deductions directly connected with the production of unearned income Allocable parental tax Nonparental source tax Parental election Form 8814 Nolo Press 318-327 Employing your children Payroll taxesEmplying your spouse Employee benfits Bona fide employee Substantially control the business Spouse’s direction and control Reasonable compensation W-4 I-9 EIN Form 941 Quarterly federal tax Return W-2 Chapter 4 Section 4.3 Personal services Assignment of income Reasonable salary Unreasonable compensation Income from property
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Outline_2B_Vocabulary - Outline 2B Vocabulary Reading...

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