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outline_8_vocab - 14.5 Bequests of appreciated property...

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OUTLINE 8 Vocabulary Vocabulary Chapter 14 Bargain purchase Identification problems Fifo Presumption Allocation problems Multiple assets in a lump-sum purchase Nontaxable stock dividends Common on common Preferred Stock dividend on Common Stock Gift Basis Dual basis Gain Basis Loss basis rule Adjustment for gift taxes Holding period Basis for depreciation Property acquired from a decedent Decedent Primary valuation amount Alternate valuation date and amount Stepped-up basis Stepped down basis Threshold amount Property distributed by executor Deathbed gifts Survivor’s share of community property Decedent’s share of community property Deemed to be long-term Disallowed losses Related-party transactions Right of offset Loss Disallowance rules Wash sales Substantially identical stock or securities Conversion of property Original basis for loss Gain basis Basis for depreciation 14.4 Gifts of appreciated property Gifts of depreciated property
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Unformatted text preview: 14.5 Bequests of appreciated property Inter vivos gift Bequest Inheritance Without adequate consideration Out of affection respect or charity Gifts to employees Employee death benefits Transfers at Death Excise tax Estate tax Inheritance tax Gross estate Date of death value Alternate Valuation date Deductions from the gross estate Debts of the decedent Transfers to charitable organizations Marital Deduction Surviving spouse Unified transfer tax credit Gift tax Taxable gifts Cumulative Gift splitting Annual exclusion Donor/done Form 1041 Form 706 Form 709 Charitable deduction Bequest Heir Decedent Testator Grantor Trustor Trustee Administrator Executor Income beneficiary Residual beneficiary Chapter 5 Stock dividend Option of receiving either cash or stock Ch. 4 Qualified dividend Community property Separate property Spouses living apart Innocent spouse...
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