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ACCT 302—Fall 2010 ACCT 302 THE FINANCIAL REPORTING CASE (FRC) Fall 2010 Instructions: 1. Obtain your company’s 10-K and other financial information for the fiscal year ended in 2009 . This is considered as the current year throughout the case. Fill in the answers to the questions on the attached list. Your best source is the website of the SEC. However, some companies put their 10-K on their website as well. 2. Be specific and avoid writing long sentences. For any: a. Un-Available data, write in U/A b. Not-Applicable answer, write in N/A c. For zero amounts enter “0” Be careful not to overuse these options! 3. Be legible and use a pen with blue ink. 4. Keep the papers neat and clean. No plastic cover is needed. 5. You must answer the questions for the company assigned to you and no other company will be acceptable. This is NOT a team project and must be done individually. 6. Your answers will be verified for correctness and accuracy. 7. Attach all the required attachments in the order indicated in the case and label them accordingly. Up to 10% penalty for lack of neatness and legibility and writing beyond the allocated spaces. Due date : See the Course Syllabus Please remove this sheet before turning in the FRC!
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ACCT 302—Fall 2010 Page 1-6 ACCT 302 THE FINANCIAL REPORTING CASE _______________________________ Fall 2010 Name of the company ( PRINT) Last Name________________________________ First Name________________________________ Section No.: ______ IMPORTANT: a. ALL answers must be fitted, using blue ink, in the spaces provided and on the line(s) drawn for each question. b. Your ability to understand and follow the instructions herein is a factor in grading your work.
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