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S AN F RANCISCO S TATE U NIVERSITY A CCOUNTING 307: A CCOUNTING I NFORMATION S YSTEMS S ECTION 1, R EF # 12248 S PRING 2010 I NSTRUCTOR : Mark Landis, Ph.D. C LASS TIMES : T Th 11:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M. BUS 213 O FFICE : 333 Science I L EARN : E-M AIL : NOTE: Do not call my office phone; I will not respond to voice mails. All communication outside of the classroom should be done via email. O FFICE H OURS Thur 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. 333 Science Thur 5:15 – 6:15 P.M. DTC C OURSE D ESCRIPTION BJECTIVES Welcome to AIS! Your study of AIS will develop your knowledge of basic business processes and the accounting systems that provide information to decision-makers as well as develop knowledge and skills relating to the application of information technology. We will try to achieve these goals by a combination of “book learning” and “hands-on” activities—both knowing that and knowing how of AIS. Note that “systems” is not synonymous with technology, but also includes people and procedures. Also notice how each exam covers chapter material and a particular IS/IT skill; e.g., flowcharting, Access, and internal control. Our specific objectives include: 1. Develop an understanding of major business processes common to most organizations and how they relate to one another. 2. Develop an understanding of how accounting information systems are organized to provide financial and non-financial information about business processes for decision making. 3. Develop an understanding of a philosophy and methods for controlling organization risk. 4. Develop an understanding of system modeling and documentation techniques. 1
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C OURSE P REREQUISITES ISYS 263 (Introduction to Information Systems) Passing grade on the ACCT 301 pretest or a passing grade in ACCT 301 C LASS P HILOSOPHY ORMAT Since most of you have had limited exposure to AIS, there is a great deal of new information to learn, and it is essential to your success that you keep up to date with the material on a regular basis. The process can begin only with your effective preparation before class. Our class time is spent providing a structured framework for AIS topics and consolidating your understanding of the information. Class meetings consist of a combination of lecture, open discussion, and a number of active learning opportunities that include, but are not limited to, exercises, problems, and exams. Both remembering and understanding the material are necessary, and this requires regular studying. It is unlikely that pre-examination cramming will be successful as a study technique. Outside projects are used to help begin the process of converting new knowledge into
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