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Grading_Instructions - grade might be After the final the...

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Just to make things clear. In order to compute the points you have so far in the class: There are four exams already taken. You need to drop the lowest score out of those four exams. Those three exam scores plus the final will make up your grade. Since it is a bell curve the final is not included in the scores yet. This is more or less info to give people their standing in the class to date to see if people want to drop or not. So please take your current exam scores, drop the lowest and then add up the rest. You should be adding three exam scores in total. Use that number to determine your grade so far in the class. Once again this is to give you an idea of where you fall in the class ranking/ what your
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Unformatted text preview: grade might be. After the final the total number of point available in the class will change. Also I am not sure how much the extra credit is worth that was more Ed's deal. Once I find that out I will post it on ilearn. For those students who completed it I would just add the score in addition to the three exams. Questions, comments etc? Write me. Jessica [email protected] Example: Jessica Donald Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Exam 4 25 35 16 45 I will drop my score for Exam 3 and add the rest 25+35+45=105 a total of 105 would give me a C in the class closer to a C+...
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