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Marine Biology Exam 4 Version A pg.1 Marine Biology NAME_____________________ A Fall 2009- Exam 3 Please put your last and first name on both this exam and on your scantron. In the upper right hand corner of your scantron put a large A to indicate you took version A of the exam. Test No. is Exam 4. 1. Nearly all deep water fish are (relative to surface fish) a) large, b) brightly colored, c) small, d) have small mouths 2. Most very deep water fish have a) swim bladders, b) strong bones, c) bright coloration, d) none of above 3. The main purpose of bioluminescence in mesopelagic fish is a) counterillumination so predators won’t see the fish from below, b) scientists don’t know, c) to burn off excel energy, d) to aid in vertical migration, e) none of above 4. Sedimentary rocks and their fossils show that the most advanced organisms are a) only present in most recent layers, b) present throughout the sedimentary record, c) only present in oldest layers, d) no fossil record of them exists 5. Whales evolved a) from icthyosaurs, swimming dinosaurs, b) from fish, c) from terrestrial mammals, d) from amphibians 6. A vestigial structure is a) reduced anatomical structures with no apparent function, b) used for echolocation, c) not evidence of evolution, d) not present in whales 7. What caused marine organisms to start burrowing into sediments during the Devonian period about 380 million years ago a) they realized that sediments were a source of food, b) to avoid colder waters, c) to conserve energy, d) to avoid predators 8. The dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic were killed by a) a giant asteroid, b) disease, c) the rise of mammals, d) none of these 9. Today, whales are threatened by a) disease, b) red tides, c) lack of food, d) Navy loud sonar 10. The social system in whales is most similar to that of a) humans, b) fish, c) the dinosaurs, d) elephants 11. Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution a) to explain the origin of the diversity of life on earth, b) because there were so many extinct species, c) because he liked to propose hypotheses, d) none of above 12. In the deep sea, organisms experience a) cold and darkness, b) very high pressure, c) chronic food shortage, d) all of above 13. As you go deeper into the deep sea, the abundance of organisms in the water a) increases, b) stays the same, c) decreases, d) nobody knows about their abundance 14. How do fish find a mate in the bathypelagic deep sea a) ecolocation, b) Craigs list, c) sound, d) pheromones
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MarBio4thExam_VersionA_FALL09 - Marine Biology Exam 4...

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