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EXTRA CREDIT QUESTIONAIRE Name__________________________ Note, if you give your answers to someone else you are diluting the value of your extra credit Cal Academy of Sciences Main Floor: 1. What is the value of Red Mangroves to a coastal ecosystem? 2. What fish can spit a jet of water to knock insects off of leaves 3. What is the present day CO2 concentration in ppm. What is it projected to be in 2030? What was it in the year 1850? 4. What is a mudskipper and what is unusual about it? 5. What % of your carbon footprint is for food? 6. How many years ago did jellyfish appear on earth? 7. What two Galapagos organisms are especially at risk from global warming 8. About how many species of marine organisms live in the Galapagos Islands 9. What % of these organisms live no where else on earth? 10. By 2100 what will the average air temperature rise be? 11. Worldwide how many billion tons of CO2 go into the air each year? 12. According to NASA, what should the CO2 concentration not exceed in ppm.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. How many pounds of CO2 are emitted from an SUV that is driven to Los Angeles from San Francisco Aquarium (lower floor) 1. How does a Frogfish (Angler Fish) feed? 2. Why does Hector’s Goby have a spot on its tail? 3. Where do Garden Eels live? 4. What do Harlequin Shrimp eat? 5. What three countries form the Coral Triangle? 6. Why do Upside Down jellyfish live upside down? 7. What is an example of Commensalism? 8. What is a crepuscular coral reef organism? 9. How do Moon Jellyfish feed? 10. How do Flashlight Fish attract prey? 11. How many National Marine Sanctuaries does California Have? 12. What is the California State Marine Fish and what is happening to its home range? 13. How do Humpback Whales corral krill and small fish? 14. Why do Anchovies swim with their mouth open? 15. How old can a Giant Sea Bass live? 16. How does the Giant Pacific Octopus convey its moods? 17. What do Blue Whales eat?...
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