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Unformatted text preview: yanobacteria grow attached to rocks Cyanobacteria grow attached to rocks at the upper part of the splash zone on rocky shores. This zone is black. Now come the Eukaryotic Now come the Eukaryotic Phytoplankton! • Have organelles such as chloroplasts & mitochondria • Can’t fix N2 • More elaborate cell walls and may have flagella. Diatoms have a cell wall made of silica (a glass like material). The wall Diatoms consists of a top half overlapping a bottom. Cells may be unicellular or link up in chains. Cells may be shaped like a pill box (centric) (left) or a coffin (pennate) (right). Diatoms can be very abundant in colder waters but they need a supply of dissolved silicon in the water or they can’t make their cell walls. The larger epitheca of the diatom fits over The larger epitheca of the diatom fits over the hypotheca much like a pillbox. Sometimes girdle bands link the two halves together. There are thousands of species of There are thousands of species of diatoms in the ocean • Every species has a Different...
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