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Unformatted text preview: eleton and they dry out & die. Use this instead of a Pesticide. Dynamite Dynamite • Dynamite is an explosive based on the explosive potential of nitroglycerin using diatomaceous earth (Kieselguhr) as an adsorbent. It was invented by Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel in 1866 in Krümmel (Hamburg, Germany) and patented in 1867. Diatoms are only abundant where there Diatoms are only abundant where there is a good supply of dissolved silica in the euphotic zone • This is in 1. Coastal areas, 2. near mouths of rivers, 3. upwelling areas, 4. Antarctic andArctic areas • Far from shore, diatoms are not abundant because there is so little silica there Diatoms as food Diatoms as food • Most diatom species are a good food for zooplankton • However, some species produce chemicals that kill the offspring of zooplankton after they eat the diatoms Dinoflagellates have two flagella which propel them through the water Dinoflagellates in a corkscrew motion. They have an advantage over diatoms in that they don’t need silica and also can move. Most dinoflagellates have a cell wall made of cellulose plates. Dinoflagellates are often abundant Dinoflagellates are often abundant in warm waters • They prefer calm stable waters and do not do well in turbulent waters Some dinoflagellates also can live symbiotically with many other organisms Some dinoflagellates also can live symbioti...
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