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Unformatted text preview: cally with many other organisms such as corals (they live in the fleshy tissue of corals). They are photosynthetic and are very important as a source of energy for corals. The brown color in the coral polyp below comes from dinoflagellates. Hard corals such as are found in tropical coral reefs can only live in the euphotic zone where there is enough light for the dinoflagellates to photosynthesize Coral bleaching occurs when water temperatures become Coral bleaching so high that the dinoflagellates swim away from the corals. The corals die unless the dinoflagellates come back. More coral bleaching is occurring because of global warming. Dinoflagellates have a cyst stage and can fall to sediments when Dinoflagellates have a cyst stage and can fall to sediments when conditions are unfavorable (too cold or warm or lack of nutrients etc.). When conditions are better, the cyst can change to a flagellated stage and swim back to the euphotic zone. Since dinoflagellates have flagella Since dinoflagellates have flagella they can swim. • They are near the water’s surface in daytime so they can photosynthesize, then they swim to dee...
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