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3 - sections of SGAs(Self-Graded Questions assigned for...

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Chapter Three -- Cultural Environments Assignments: The presentation modes for this chapter are different. We highly recommend these from prior semesters seen below. They show Dr. Nicholson and the PowerPoint slides; the audio and the video quality are good, and they follow the workbook very closely. The only required audio lectures that will be available in the coursestream lectures column to the right will be the ones at the end of the big sections on culture, the ones that correspond to pages 80-83 and 105-08 in your workbook. Since culture is so important, we give it twice as much emphasis and there are two
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Unformatted text preview: sections of SGAs (Self-Graded Questions) assigned for chapter three. The only audio lectures for this chapter that come in the Coursestream Enhanced Lectures are these two -- where Dr. Nicholson gives the questions for you to work on. The reason we give move time to culture is that it is of tremendous importance to international business. It permeates all elements of international business including major spheres of influence such as the social, political, economic and legal environments. Knowing culture well is key to understanding international business....
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