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Chapter 4 -- International Political, Economic & Legal Environments The required lectures are in the RSS feeds in the normal block in the right hand colum. What you see below are lectures from this summer. These are completely optional. Last summer the environments came as chapter three so you will hear that if you choose to listen to these optional lectures. As well, every time I can find the old high quality videos from last semester, I am going to post them. I just found that chapter four is available so it is listed below as an optional video. Please note that it was chapter three this summer so don't write us asking what is what regarding that, these are all optional. The required lectures appear as normal in the RSS feeds.
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Unformatted text preview: OPTIONAL AUDIO AND VIDEO LECTURES FROM LAST SUMMER: This set of related environments that Multinational Enterprises face as they internationalize their VACs across new foreign environments is the subject of chapter four. It is about how different societies structure their political, economic and legal systems and what problems differences in such environments pose for International Managers. This represents the environmental influences on behavior, not just of managers, but of firms, big multinational firms, small firms and individual managers within each. It complements the cognitive influences on behavior explored in chapter four (values, beliefs, attitudes, personalities, knowledge and wisdom)....
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