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5 - the same content as a PDF file also here but later...

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CYCLE THREE CHAPTER FIVE -- ETHICS and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CHAPTER SIX -- INTERNATIONAL TRADE THEORY In response to student requests, I am going to start the lectures a day later and begin with the self-graded questions. Students have asked for this stating their belief that this will guide their studies of the lectures and enhance their comprehension of the materials covered. I think it is a very good idea and I have posted the questions the topic for this chapter. Due to technical problems I was unable to tape effectively either Thursday or Friday night from the downtown campus but am returning again today (Saturday) to make sure you have all you need. You do have the questions and the PPT slides already up within the topic are for chapter five, as promised. This is a fascinating chapter on personal ethics and corporate social responsibility. It is new so we had nothing to put in the workbook when it went to press. So for this chapter I have on a special basis made the PowerPoints available to you here. I will also post
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Unformatted text preview: the same content as a PDF file, also here but later today. Please don't ask for PowerPoints for other chapters (read the syllabus on that, there are consequences for doing that). You will enjoy the model with culture in the middle and the three sources of potential ethical conflict (Employees to Organization, Organization to Employees, and Organization to the greater environments including stakeholders, the natural environment and more. This is the basis of the concept of corporate social responsibility, or as some would have it, corporate social obligation. The stretch-out question #10 will explore this model in the textbook, which blends beautifully with models of the VAC (aggregated behaviors within varying multicultural contexts/environments), and the model of cross-cultural effectiveness based on comparative interactionist models coming together for different countries -- the VAB model)....
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5 - the same content as a PDF file also here but later...

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