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Chapter 5 -- Ethics & CSR in International This chapter deals with the personal or individual level of cognitive influences on behavior, ethics. Ethics are beliefs that individuals have regarding what is right or wrong in a particular situation. We know that we have culturally accepted norms for behavior which are inculcated in our minds (mental set -- cognition). If we simply "aware" of norms they are part of our "knowledge" of what is socially expected behavior in that situation, what's the norm. If we actually accept them as legitimate, they become part of our own ethics, part of our own belief structure. Such ethical beliefs are influenced by our values which we acquire through our upbringing -- via our families, organizations, peers, schools, religions, etc. Just as beliefs both come from and aggregate into larger groups, our societies, so do personal ethics of managers aggregate into organizational beliefs about what is the responsibility or even obligation of the firm to the environments in which it operates. Just
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