17 - you have finished chapters 1-13, take this quiz. IF...

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REPORT SCORES ON SELF-GRADED QUESTION ASSIGNMENTS Your self-graded assignments for chapters 1-13 should be finished and you should be ready to demonstrate your work to us. These are your reporting instructions. We begin with those who have finished. IF YOU HAVE FINISHED CHAPTERS 1-13: We have launched the SGQ reporting quiz (Wed, Dec2, 9am) for those who are finished. This first reporting quiz will expire at 9pm this Friday evening, Dec 4. The questions will only ask for points self-awarded. There will not be content questions. If
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Unformatted text preview: you have finished chapters 1-13, take this quiz. IF YOU NEED AN EXTENSION: Do not take this quiz. Work on finishing your assignments. We will set up a second reporting quiz for you next week. A very small late penalty will apply, but you will still be able to earn most all the points. We want everyone to be able to have gone through this process and have your workbooks in hand for the final exam. Note, chapter 14 is a freebie and chapter 16 has not yet been assigned. There is no chapter 15....
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