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O6s - Problem 0.6 Souk-m The Gig—amp used in the circuits...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 0.6 Souk-m The Gig—amp used in the circuits in this problem has a very largtt Opemloop gain, very large input resistance, railuto-rail input common—mode voltage range and rail-to~.rai1 output voltage swing. a) When the 0p~amp is connected. as shown in Figure 1(a), the DC output voltage: is found to be V0 7» 10 mV. What is the input offsat voltage V05 ofthe 0p~amp? V91)“ +2.5V v-H’fiflr w“ " V0 lUmV V05) 5 V0 :1: \0 an“, cnwwwwm MW“ Vm =2 V£:}L§HW\ 3: a Figure 1(a) 52; b) The same op-amp from part (a) is used in the circuit shown in Figure: Kb). The DC output voltage is found m be V0 = 1.006 V. What is the common-mode rejection ratiu (CMRR) of the op-amp? Vwm +2.5v x {4-ka ,« :11“; us, Vac” .z VQ'VI .._: QMV yam 1.00m .J COmwa“. uxafi; tv gait V, H! e , “(ME VCM * V2112,“ N A”, ,3; ...
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