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Raúl Radovitzkyspring2005 - 16.21 -...

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Unformatted text preview: 16.21 - Techniques of structural analysis and design Homework assignment # 1 Handed out: 2/09/05 Due: 2/16/05 February 10, 2005 Only problems 2 , 3 and 4 are part of the assessment (contribute to the grade). It is recommended that the assignment be done in Mathematica in its entirety and turned in electronically on the MIT Server. 1. Mathematica practice problems . Write a Mathematica notebook containing the following items: (a) A header in a text cell containing the Homework assignment num- ber and your name. If possible try to use a Style Sheet of your choice in your Mathematica notebooks from now on. (b) (Not for grade) Multiplication of a 3 3 matrix by a 3 1 vector. Choose arbitrary symbols (not numerical values) as matrix and vector coecients. Repeat for coecients with arbitrary numeric values. Repeat one more time for the case of a 5 5 matrix A and a 5 1 vector v whose coecients satisfy the following functional dependence on the row ( i ) and column ( j ) number: A ij = i + j...
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Raúl Radovitzkyspring2005 - 16.21 -...

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