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(************** Content-type: application/mathematica ************** CreatedBy='Mathematica 5.0' Mathematica-Compatible Notebook This notebook can be used with any Mathematica-compatible application, such as Mathematica, MathReader or Publicon. The data for the notebook starts with the line containing stars above. To get the notebook into a Mathematica-compatible application, do one of the following: * Save the data starting with the line of stars above into a file with a name ending in .nb, then open the file inside the application; * Copy the data starting with the line of stars above to the clipboard, then use the Paste menu command inside the application. Data for notebooks contains only printable 7-bit ASCII and can be sent directly in email or through ftp in text mode. Newlines can be CR, LF or CRLF (Unix, Macintosh or MS-DOS style). NOTE: If you modify the data for this notebook not in a Mathematica- compatible application, you must delete the line below containing the word CacheID, otherwise Mathematica-compatible applications may try to use invalid cache data. For more information on notebooks and Mathematica-compatible applications, contact Wolfram Research: web: http://www.wolfram.com email: [email protected] phone: +1-217-398-0700 (U.S.) Notebook reader applications are available free of charge from Wolfram Research. *******************************************************************) (*CacheID: 232*) (*NotebookFileLineBreakTest NotebookFileLineBreakTest*) (*NotebookOptionsPosition[ 131033, 2275]*) (*NotebookOutlinePosition[ 131699, 2298]*) (* CellTagsIndexPosition[ 131655, 2294]*) (*WindowFrame->Normal*) Notebook[{ Cell[BoxData[{ \(\(Clear["\<Global`*\>"];\)\), "\[IndentingNewLine]", \(\(Off[General::spell, General::spell1];\)\)}], "Input", FontSize->24], Cell["Beam-column/buckling using Ritz method", "Title", FontSize->24], Cell["1) Seek approximate solutions of the form:", "Subtitle", FontSize->24], Cell[BoxData[{ \(Ck[n_] := \ Table[ck[i], {i, n}]\), "\[IndentingNewLine]",
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\(\[Phi]k[n_]\ := \ Table[Sin[i\ \[Pi]\ x\/L], {i, 1, n}]\), "\[IndentingNewLine]", \(W\_0[n_]\ := \ Ck[n] . \[Phi]k[n]\)}], "Input", FontSize->24], Cell[CellGroupData[{ Cell[BoxData[ \(W\_0[3]\)], "Input", FontSize->24], Cell[BoxData[ \(ck[1]\ Sin[\(\[Pi]\ x\)\/L] + ck[2]\ Sin[\(2\ \[Pi]\ x\)\/L] + ck[3]\ Sin[\(3\ \[Pi]\ x\)\/L]\)], "Output"] }, Open ]], Cell[CellGroupData[{ Cell[BoxData[ \(Plot[Evaluate[\[Phi]k[4]\ /. \ L \[Rule] 1], \ {x, 0, 1.2}]\)], "Input"], Cell[GraphicsData["PostScript", "\<\ %! %%Creator: Mathematica %%AspectRatio: .61803 MathPictureStart /Mabs { Mgmatrix idtransform Mtmatrix dtransform } bind def /Mabsadd { Mabs 3 -1 roll add 3 1 roll add exch } bind def %% Graphics %%IncludeResource: font Courier %%IncludeFont: Courier /Courier findfont 10 scalefont setfont % Scaling calculations 0.0238095 0.793651 0.309017 0.294302 [ [.18254 .29652 -9 -9 ] [.18254 .29652 9 0 ] [.34127 .29652 -9 -9 ] [.34127 .29652 9 0 ] [.5 .29652 -9 -9 ] [.5 .29652 9 0 ]
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2011 for the course AERO 16.21 taught by Professor Dffs during the Fall '10 term at MIT.

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T738 - Content-type application/mathematica...

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