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Unformatted text preview: into SpecTRM−RL language design or simple tools can check them. · Ë · ÿ À ½ Ê Å º ¹ ¹ É ¸ · · Á µ ¹ ¶ µ µ ´ Â c µ Ç Ë   µ  Requirements Analysis Model Execution, Animation, and Visualization Completeness State Machine Hazard Analysis (backwards reachability) Software Deviation Analysis Human Error Analysis Test Coverage Analysis and Test Case Generation Automatic code generation? Model Execution and Animation SpecTRM−RL models are executable. Model execution is animated Results of execution could be input into a graphical visualization Inputs can come from another model or simulator and output can go into another model or simulator. · Ë · À ½ Ê Î Å » ¹ É º È ¹ Ç ¸ Å · Æ µ Å ¶ Ã µ ´ c µ Ç Å  Á  ¸ ¿ · Ë · À ¾ Ê Î Å » ¹ É º È ¹ Ç ¸ Å · Æ µ Å ¶ Ã µ ´ µ c Ç Å  Á  ¸ ¿ Design for Safety Software design must enforce safety constraints Should be able to trace from requirements to code (vice versa) Design should incorporate basic safety design principles Safe Design Precedence HAZARD ELIMINATION Substitution Simplification Decoupling Elimination of human errors Reduction of hazardous materials or conditions Decreasing cost Increasing effectiveness HAZARD REDUCTION Design for controllability Barriers Lockins, Lockouts, Interlocks Failure Minimization Safety Factors and Margins Redundancy HAZARD CONTROL Reducing exposure Isolation and containment Protection systems and fail−safe design...
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