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Unformatted text preview: t have already occurred? Is it useful? In accident and mishap investigation In preventing accidents Hazard analysis Designing for safety Is it better for these purposes than the chain−of−events model? Í Î » ‚ ‚ º   ¹ É É ¸ · € € µ ¿ ¿ ¶ µ ´ Safety and Human Mental Models c Using STAMP in Accident and Mishap Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Modeling Accidents Using STAMP Three types of models are needed: 1. Static safety control structure Safety requirements and constraints Flawed control actions Context (social, political, etc.) Mental model flaws Coordination flaws 2. Dynamic structure Shows how the safety control structure changed over time 3. Behavioral dynamics Dynamic processes behind the changes, i.e., why the system changes  Î » ‚ º  ¹ É ¸ · € µ ¿ ¶ µ ´ c ý Î » ‚ º  ¹ É ¸ · € µ ¿ ¶ µ ´ c ARIANE 5 LAUNCHER OBC Executes flight program; Controls nozzles of solid boosters and Vulcain cryogenic engine A B Nozzle command Main engine co...
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