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Unformatted text preview: xplanation for the accident Inadequate control actions and decisions Context in which decisions made Mental model flaws Control flaws (e.g., missing feedback loops) Coordination flaws STAMP vs. Traditional Accident Models Examines interrelationships rather than linear cause−effect chains Looks at the processes behind the events Includes entire socio−economic system Includes behavioral dynamics (changes over time) Want to not just react to accidents and impose controls for a while, but understand why controls drift toward ineffectiveness over time and Change those factors if possible Detect the drift before accidents occur è Ï è › ç š æ ™ å ä ˜ ⠗ ã â á c Ñ Ï è › ç š æ ™ å ä ˜ ⠗ ã â á Steps in a STAMP analysis: c Using STAMP to Prevent Accidents Hazard Analysis Safety Metrics and Performance Auditing Risk Assessment STAMP−Based Hazard Analysis (STPA) Provides information about how safety constraints could be violated. Used to eliminate, reduce, and control hazards in system design, development, manufacturing, and operations Assists in designing safety into system from the beginning Not just after−the−fact analysis Includes software, operators, system acci...
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