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Doors cannot be opened for emergency evacuation c

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Unformatted text preview: ion. ,           )   {  c  z  y (          c z  Controlled aircraft violate minimum separation standards (NMAC). Airborne controlled aircraft enters an unsafe atmospheric region. Controlled airborne aircraft enters restricted airspace without authorization. Controlled airborne aircraft gets too close to a fixed obstable other than a safe point of touchdown on assigned runway (CFIT) Controlled airborne aircraft and an intruder in controlled airspace violate minimum separation. Controlled aircraft operates outside its performance envelope. Aircraft on ground comes too close to moving objects or collides with stationary objects or leaves the paved area. Aircraft enters a runway for which it does not have clearance. Controlled aircraft executes an extreme maneuver within its performance envelope. Loss of aircraft control. c  z  y Exercise: Identify the system hazards for this cruise−control system The cruise control system operates only when the engine is running. When the driver turns the system on, the speed at whi...
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