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Is it useful in accident and mishap investigation in

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Unformatted text preview: olicy Standards Resources Hazard Analyses Operations Reports Project Management Hazard Analyses Progress Reports Safety−Related Changes Progress Reports Safety Standards Operations Management Work Instructions Change requests Audit reports Problem reports Design, Documentation Safety Constraints Standards Test Requirements Test reports Hazard Analyses Review Results Operating Assumptions Operating Procedures Operating Process Human Controller(s) Implementation and assurance Safety Reports Hazard Analyses Revised operating procedures Documentation Design Rationale Software revisions Hardware replacements Automated Controller Actuator(s) Physical Process Sensor(s) Manufacturing Management Work Procedures safety reports audits work logs inspections Maintenance and Evolution Manufacturing Problem Reports Incidents Change Requests Performance Audits Note: Does not imply need for a "controller" Component failures may be controlled through design e.g., redundancy, interlocks, fail−safe design or through process manufacturing processes and procedures maintenance procedures But does imply the need to enforce the safety constraints in some way. New model includes what do now and more Accidents occur when: Design does not enforce safety constraints unhandled disturbances, failures, dysfunctional interactions Inadequate control actions Control structure degrades over time, asynchronous evolution Control actions inadequately coordinated among multiple controllers. Bound...
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