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Open systems are viewed as interrelated components

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Unformatted text preview: ions management Standing orders Berth design Zeebrugge Operations management Transfer of Herald to Zeebrugge Captain’s planning Operations management Time pressure Docking procedure Capsizing Change of docking procedure Traffic Scheduling Unsafe heuristics Vessel Operation Crew working patterns Operational Decision Making: Decision makers from separate departments in operational context very likely will not see the forest for the trees. Accident Analysis: Combinatorial structure of possible accidents can easily be identified. · Ë Í ·  À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ c à  µ Á · À ¿ · Ë Î ·  À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ à c  µ Á · À ¿ Ways to Cope with Complexity Analytic Reduction (Descartes) Divide system into distinct parts for analysis purposes. Examine the parts separately. Three important assumptions: 1. The division into parts will not distort the phenomenon being studied. 2. Components are the same when examined singly as when playing their part in the whole. 3. Principles governing the assembling of the components into the whole are themselves straightforward. Wa...
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