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Unformatted text preview: ent variable used as an indicator of alignment precision over time) using the horizontal velocity input from the strapdown inertial platform (C). Conversion from a 64−bit floating point value to a 16−bit signed integer leads to an unhandled overflow exception while calculating the horizontal bias. Algorithm reused from Ariane 4 where horizontal bias variable does not get large enough to cause an overflow. Because the algorithm was the same in both SRI computers, the overflow results in the same behavior, i.e., shutting itself off. Process Model: Does not match Ariane 5 (based on Ariane 4 trajectory data); Assumes smaller horizontal velocity values than possible on Ariane 5. ’ ” ’ ‰ ‘ ‡  …   „ ‹ ƒ Œ ‹ Š c Titan 4/Centaur/Milstar DEVELOPMENT Defense Contract Management Command contract administration software surveillance oversee the process OPERATIONS Space and Missile Systems Center Launch Directorate (SMC) (Responsible for administration of LMA contract) Prime Contractor (LMA) (Responsible for design and construction of flight control system) LMA System Engineering LMA Quality Assurance IV&V Analex Third Space Launch Squadron (3SLS) (Responsible for ground operations management) Software Design and Development LMA F...
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