P v b g q f performance monitoring periodic audits

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Unformatted text preview: X ? P V B ? g ? ] Q f Performance Monitoring Periodic audits Change Analysis N A X ? P V ] Q _ c b A X ? P V C C V P N G A A ? ? b A ? G V A ? P P N F Q A P V F C Q ? a Operational Analysis Operational Analysis Change Analysis Incident and accident analysis Periodic audits Performance Monitoring x w v u 1 s < ; q : o 9 7 : 7 n 3 5 l 3 3 1 k c 0 N C ] V M X ? L E \ A J V V H [ Q R G U ] A ? X Y P F X V E C ] U B Q W A B _ ? > V X C U F A V F .     ) {  y . Preliminary Hazard Analysis 1. Identify system hazards 2. Translate system hazards into high−level system safety design constraints. 3. Assess hazards if required to do so. 4. Establish the hazard log. . . System Hazards for Automated Train Doors Train starts with door open. Door opens while train is in motion. Door opens while improperly aligned with station platform. Door closes while someone is in doorway Door that closes on an obstruction does not reopen or reopened door does not reclose. Doors cannot be opened for emergency evacuat...
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