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Requirementsconstraints 1a atc shall provide

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Unformatted text preview: e separation between aircraft. 1b. ATC shall provide conflict alerts. 2. A controlled aircraft enters an unsafe atmospheric region. (icing conditions, windshear areas, thunderstorm cells) 2a. ATC must not issue advisories that direct aircraft into areas with unsafe atmospheric conditions. 2b. ATC shall provide weather advisories and alerts to flight crews. 2c. ATC shall warn aircraft that enter an unsafe atmospheric region.    !     )  {    z     y c Example PHA for ATC Approach Control (2) HAZARDS 3. A controlled aircraft enters restricted airspace without authorization. REQUIREMENTS/CONSTRAINTS 3a. ATC must not issue advisories that direct an aircraft into restricted airspace unless avoiding a greater hazard. 3b. ATC shall provide timely warnings to aircraft to prevent their incursion into restricted airspace. 4. A controlled aircraft gets too 4. ATC shall provide advisories that close to a fixed obstacle or maintain safe separation between terrain other than a safe point of aircraft and terrain or physical obstacles. touchdown on assigned runway. 5. A controlled aircraft and an intruder in controlled...
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