Software requirements review and analysis

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Unformatted text preview: Process Steps (2) 6. Software requirements review and analysis Completeness Simulation and animation Software hazard analysis Robustness (environment) analysis Mode confusion and other human error analyses Human factors analyses (usability, workload, etc.) '  ' +     *  *  )     c � %  ' +     *  *  )     c � Process Steps (3) 7. Implementation with safety in mind Defensive programming Assertions and run−time checking Separation of critical functions Elimination of unnecessary functions Exception−handling etc. 8. Off−nominal and safety testing Process Steps (4) 9. Operational Analysis and Auditing Change analysis Incident and accident analysis Performance monitoring Periodic audits ,  ' +     *  *  )     c � (  ' +     *  *  )     c � A Human−Centered, Safety−Driven Design Process Human Factors Preliminary Task Analysis Operator Goals and Responsibilities Task Allocation Principles N P A ? V ] P N A X B A G ? N Q F F A V N P A F Q...
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