Software safety constraint software must always open

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Unformatted text preview: denser whenever catalyst is added to reactor. Software safety constraint: Software must always open water valve before catalyst valve ,       c -  # +     *  *  )     c � . !              c        The Problem to be Solved The primary safety problem in computer−based systems is the lack of appropriate constraints on design. The job of the system safety engineer is to identify the design constraints necessary to maintain safety and to ensure the system and software design enforces them. . !  # +     *  *  )     c � An Overview of The Approach Engineers should recognize that reducing risk is not an impossible task, even under financial and time constraints. All it takes in many cases is a different perspective on the design problem. Mike Martin and Roland Schinzinger Ethics in Engineering System Safety A planned, disciplined, and systematic approach to preventing or reducing accidents throughout the life cycle of a system. ‘‘Organized common sense ’’ (Mueller, 1968) Primary concern is the management of hazards: Hazard identification evaluation elimination control through analysis design management MIL−STD−882 #  '...
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