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Status reports risk assessments incident reports

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Unformatted text preview: ¾ À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ c à  µ Á · À ¿ · Ë  ·  À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ à c  µ Á · À ¿ Systems Theory (2) Two pairs of ideas: 1. Emergence and hierarchy Levels of organization, each more complex than one below. Levels characterized by emergent properties Irreducible Represent constraints upon the degree of freedom of components a lower level. Safety is an emergent system property It is NOT a component property. It can only be analyzed in the context of the whole. Systems Theory (3) 2. Communication and control Hierarchies characterized by control processes working at the interfaces between levels. A control action imposes constraints upon the activity at one level of a hierarchy. Open systems are viewed as interrelated components kept in a state of dynamic equilibrium by feedback loops of information and control. Control in open systems implies need for communication · Ë  · ¾ À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ c à ...
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