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Unformatted text preview: DAMAGE REDUCTION ¼ Î ¹ º  Ë ¹ · ¸ µ ·  µ ¶ µ ´ c  ½ ¹ º  Ë ¹ · ¸ µ ·  µ ¶ µ ´ c .. STAMP (Systems Theory Accident Modeling and Processes) STAMP is a new theoretical underpinning for developing more effective hazard analysis techniques for complex systems. . Accident models provide the basis for Investigating and analyzing accidents Preventing accidents Hazard analysis Design for safety Assessing risk (determining whether systems are suitable for use) Performance modeling and defining safety metrics · Ë ¼ ·  À » Ê Å º ¹ ¹ É ¸ È · Ç µ Å ¶ Æ µ Å ´ c à  µ Á · À ¿ · Ë  » · À » Ê Å º ¹ ¹ É ¸ È · Ç µ Å ¶ Æ µ Å ´ à c  µ Á · À ¿ Chain−of−Events Models Explain accidents in terms of multiple events, sequenced as a forward chain over time. Events almost always involve component failure, human error, or energy−related event Form the basis of most safety−engineering and reliability engineering analysis: e.g., Fault Tre...
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