When the driver turns the system on the speed at

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Unformatted text preview: ch the car is traveling at that instant is maintained. The system monitors the car’s speed by sensing the rate at which the wheels are turning, and it maintains desired speed by controlling the throttle position. After the system has been turned on, the driver may tell it to start increasing speed, wait a period of time, and then tell it to stop increasing speed. Throughout the time period, the system will increase the speed at a fixed rate, and then will maintain the final speed reached. The driver may turn off the system at any time. The system will turn off if it senses that the accelerator has been depressed far enough to override the throttle control. If the system is on and senses that the brake has been depressed, it will cease maintaining speed but will not turn off. The driver may tell the system to resume speed, whereupon it will return to the speed it was maintaining before braking and resume maintenance of that speed. -                ) )   { {    z  y System Hazards for Air Traffic Control .        c Hazards must be translated into design constraint...
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