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And too organized for statistical analysis

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Unformatted text preview: Ë ¾ ·  À Ê » Å ¹ º É ¹ ¸ È Ç · Å µ Æ ¶ Å µ ´ à c  µ Á · À ¿ _ P X P ] Z Y e X X ] b f _ Y ] e o [ Z ` X c Z Z X Z Y R R b X X Y i X V j b T j ] S o ` R P R P m P O Z b R X P o ` T b n Y m e Y Z c ] ` Y S i ] Y l S n o Z X Y c R j ] X i Y i ` ] q S e _ P Z T Y e n ] f Y Y e f Z Y c Y Z b R o P X Y b X b ` Z Z Limitations of Event Chain Models (2) Human error Deviation from normative procedure vs. established practice Cannot effectively model human behavior by decomposing it into individual decisions and actions and studying it in isolation from the physical and social context value system in which it takes place dynamic work process Adaptation Major accidents involve systematic migration of organizational behavior under pressure toward cost effectiveness in an aggressive, competitive environment. Vessel Design Design Stability Analysis Shipyard Equipment load added Truck companies Excess load routines Passenger management Excess numbers Berth design Calais Impaired stability Harbor Design Cargo Management Passenger Management Operat...
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